Control Lab IO

Serial Power
Give new life to your LEGO® Control Lab Interface B on modern devices.
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Connect the LEGO® Control Lab Interface B to Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi, & Ubuntu devices.

32 Motors

Control up to 32 LEGO® motors independently, using four Control Lab Interface B bricks.


Supports many screen sizes, including 480x320 Raspberry Pi hat screens.


Save and load your Control Lab settings to quickly jump back in to your favorite setup.

32 motors controlled by a single Raspberry PI
Control Lab IO works on Windows (32/64-bit versions of 7 SP1, 8, and 10), macOS (10.10 Yosemite and above), Raspberry Pi (3B, 3B+, and 4B running Raspbian Buster), or Ubuntu (18.04 LTS) devices with a RS-232 DB9 serial port. If you don't have a serial port on your computer, Prolific PL2303HXD Chipset USB to serial adapters work across all four platforms. Lastly, you will need a LEGO® Control Lab Interface B (2954), the serial cable (bb0764) and the 12V power adapter (70931).